Keeping organized will feel nearly not possible. If you’re juggling youngsters, family, work, and hobbies you will want you to lose track of everything from your keys to your son’s dental practitioner appointment. Use a meticulous calendar of all activities to assist clear the fog around your life. AOL for Windows calendars area unit a good means for members to prepare their daily schedules.

Access AOL Calendar

How to Access AOL Calendar

Step 1

Access the calendar on your laptop if you employ AOL as your browser. Use from the homepage with the other net browser. Log into your account and click on on my calendar.

Step 2

Click “Month”, “Sunday” or “Day” tab to navigate around the day and month of the year. Hit the proper arrow to travel to future dates and therefore the left arrow to review past dates.

Step 3

Pick the “Settings” button within the AOL Calendar window. Click the geographical zone change posture menu and choose a suitable geographical zone. choose the show change posture menu to line the right time. Hit “Save.”

Step 4

Print your calendar by choosing “Print.” opt for the read you would like. Use a written calendar to post in plain read for all of your family to ascertain planned activities, appointments, and events.

Step 5

Select the date you want to switch and enter in appointments, birthdays and/or once college conferences. value more highly to have AOL Calendars send you automatic reminders for vital dates and appointments.

Share your calendar with different relations to simply coordinate events and schedules. select the share choice and enter the e-mail addresses of the people you want to share your calendar.


Use AOL calendars to scale back stress. If you do not have 1,000,000 things to recollect you’ll feel less disquieted.