Recently, I visited the AOL twitter handle. There I actually have seen many folks square measure news concerning email sending problems

Many times, they’re making an attempt to send emails to their relatives or another person. however, they can’t a couple. At a similar time, they’ll receive the emails properly.

So today’s article is concerning a way to troubleshoot AOL mail not causing emails drawback. if you’re conjointly looking such quite drawback. I’ll recommend you scan this text fastidiously and follow the directions to repair the matter.

Why Is AOL Mail not causing emails Through iPhone, Android phone, or third-party software system

AOL Mail Not Sending EmailsIf you’re looking AOL mail not causing emails drawback on your iPhone, humanoid phone or mail application. This drawback is associated with the AOL mail configuration.

So you must check the settings for the outgoing server. make certain you’ve got organized your outgoing server with the subsequent details:

  1. Outgoing server address-
  2. Port no- 465
  3. Authentication type- SSL / TLS.

If you’ve got already organized your account with the higher than however server settings, however still you can’t send emails from your account.

In that case, you would like to get rid of the AOL mail account from your phone or outlook. and so reconfigure it once more.

Also, always remember to substantiate the user id for your AOL account. if you’ll kind the wrong login details. it’ll not enable you to access the AOL account.

In case, if you struggle with login problems. you will visit: a way to fix AOL email login problems?

AOL Mail not causing emails through AOL desktop, or any internet browser

If you’re unable to send emails from AOL mistreatment internet browsers or AOL desktop. This drawback might relate to subsequent things.

  1. AOL server is down.
  2. Browser problems.

You should check the AOL mail server standing initial. Most of the time, folks square measure unable to send and receive the emails. as a result of the AOL mail server is down in their space.

If the server is functioning utterly fine however still you’re looking the AOL mail not causing emails drawback. in such case, you would like to reset the online browser.