Each possibility has its professionals and cons; the most effective possibility, ultimately, is that the one that works best for you and your business.

AOL web site

The simplest thanks to got wind of associate degree AOL account on a brand new pc is to not set it up in the slightest degree. If you’re before of the pc most of the time, or if you simply often check your AOL email, you’ll be able to open a tab in your browser of alternative and check your email via the AOL web site.

To check your email via the web site, open up your most popular browser, like Chrome, Firefox, campaign or Microsoft Edge. the campaign is Apple’s inbuilt browser and is enclosed on its computers, and Microsoft Edge is enclosed with Windows ten computers.


Once you open up your browser, visit the AOL web site and click on on the mail icon, that sounds like a little envelope. Enter your username or email address and secret. If you wish to examine your email throughout the day, leave AOL open in a very tab and use alternative tabs to try to do your work.

Mail Programs: Mail App

Mail programs area unit pc applications that may check your email from multiple accounts. you’ll be able to read all of your mail joined inbox or investigate one email account at a time. These apps area unit was handy if you have got multiple business email accounts or if you wish to seamlessly check business and private email at the identical time.

For example, Windows ten offers the Mail App. to line up your Mail App, click on the beginning menu, that is that the Windows icon within the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. Scroll all the way down to Mail then click on that.

When the app unveils, click on “Other Account” and enter your AOL email and secret. you’ll be able to add alternative email addresses yet. Follow the prompts to end putting in place your account. The Mail App can check your AOL email and deliver it to your inbox.

Mail Programs: Apple Mail

Apple Mail is associate degree application on Apple computers. It’s just like the Windows Mail App, in this, you’ll be able to add multiple accounts and see all the emails in one inbox. you’ll be able to additionally kind your mail for every email address.

To set up your AOL email address in Apple Mail, click on the Mail icon in your dock, that sounds like postage. If you have got not used Mail before, it’ll prompt you to feature associate degree email address. you’ll be able to additionally add associate degree email address by clicking on “Mail” within the menu bar then clicking on “Add Account.”

Enter your AOL email address and your secret. Follow the prompts to end putting in place your email account.

AOL Desktop Gold

If you wish an avid AOL application wherever you’ll be able to check your email and find AOL news, AOL Desktop Gold is another choice. AOL Desktop Gold may be an application program that integrates your AOL email. it’s free if you have got associate degree AOL Advantage arranges, otherwise, you will decide on a paid subscription if you are doing not have a bonus arrange.

To set up AOL Desktop Gold, you may transfer the app from AOL then enter your AOL username or email address and secret.