The email has become a crucial part of human’s day to day life. folks believe loads on the emails to induce their work done. Email is that the only medium through which individuals will exchange vital documents. files and communicate with one another. there’s a variety of email service suppliers gift within the world. AOL is one amongst the foremost far-famed email service suppliers that permit uncountable customers to access free email accounts. AOL comes with several wonderful options and services. putting in AN AOL account isn’t a troublesome method. however, it may be quite difficult to put install existing AOL account. So, if you furthermore might wish to put in AN existing AOL account. Follow the given directions and Install AOL account with success.

Install Existing AOL Account

How to Install the present AOL account?

If you’re AN AOL user and purchased a replacement system then, you will have a matter that a way to transfer my AOL account? Well! it’s a quite straightforward question that a way to transfer my AOL account to your device, all you would like is to follow the step by step directions to put in the AOL account.

Follow the steps mentioned below to transfer the present account:

  • in your new system. log in as AN “administrator”. Insert the “AOL” package CD.
  • If the set-up method isn’t beginning mechanically. after that you have to click on “Start” and go to “My Computer”. Click the “CD Drive” and open the file that contains the package.
  • Select “Current member click here”.
  • Choose possibility the choice “adding your existing account to the current computer” and so proceed additional by clicking on “next click here” option.
  • If you would like to put in the package within the “folder” instead of “program files” then press the “Browse button” gift below “Select Destination Directory.
  • Wait until the package gets with success put in within the folder and installation method gets completed. once the screen prompts. enter the present username and countersign for your AOL account.

These steps can help you to be included in the AOL account that is in your new system. If you would like an extra support to put in the AOL account, you’ll continually consult the AOL consultants and take recommendation from them.