If you attend AOL.com and click on the envelope icon at the top-right of the window to urge to your email, then you’re most likely accustomed seeing a page that shows a bunch of reports stories. whereas you’ll be able to navigate to your inbox a few of how from there, you may value more highly to go on to your inbox once you click that envelope instead.

aol open my mail

Fortunately, this can be a setting over that you have got management, and it’s doable to bypass this page, known as “Today on AOL” if you thus opt for. Our tutorial below can show you wherever to search out this setting so you’ll be able to begin going on to your inbox.

How to Open AOL Mail to Your Inbox once sign language Into Email Account

The steps during this article were performed within the desktop version of Google Chrome, however, also will add different desktop versions of net browsers. Note that this setting can apply across any instance wherever you sign in to your AOL inbox in a very browser, however, this can not have an effect on at any time mail in third-party programs such as your mobile Mail application, or the desktop version of Microsoft Outlook.

  • Step 1: attend https://mail.aol.com and sign into your AOL inbox.
  • Step 2: Click the choices link at the top-right of the window, then opt for the Mail Settings item.

aol open my mail

  • Step 3: Check the box to the left of Show Pine Tree State nowadays on AOL once sign language in to get rid of the check. you’ll be able to then click Save settings at very cheap of the window, then click Back to Mail at the top-left of the window to come back to your inbox.

aol open my mail

If you opt that you simply truly most well-liked seeing this news page once you signed into your inbox, you’ll be able to invariably flip this setting back on